About Us

Who we are.

Grim & Glum was founded with a vision of combining funny and demotivational products with great design and visuals. There are several truths with the industries related to our products:

  • The industry has boring and often lazy designs.
  • Motivational products often set their sights on shallow goals.
  • The industry has no regard for quality and use cheap materials and shabby printing processes.

“There are worse things than failure – like violating your principles.”

Thomas Shellberg • CEO/ FOUNDER

Our Promise


To provide high-quality products that last. We don’t want you to regret your purchases.

We Care

We care about our customers. We consider you a part of our own little weird community.


To stay honest, transparent, and operate with integrity. We won’t employ shady practices like raising prices before sales.

Our Team

We work with multiple artists through partnerships, however, Grim & Glum is mostly a one-man-show.


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